BLUE ORGASM MACHINE for @minkjadaddy

31 Dec , 2021   MOTO

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Did you ever think this is a 10-year-old bike? The lucky owner of this nasty 125 is Davide Palazzari, UCI Downhill World Cup Pro rider for Rogue Racing team. During the off-season, his motherland Sardinia is the perfect spot for some winter motocross sessions and this Yamaha 125cc is the perfect whip for his rides. […]

Whipriders Jam 2019

6 May , 2019   Lifestyle, MOTO

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Our gang really felt the need of a spring reunion. The recipe of the day was simple: dirtbikes and good vibes. It was only a matter of choosing a date when most of our friends were free, a location far from the chaos  and sending the invites. Good people did the rest. Friends, private track, […]

Hot Tips: Motocross Nutrition

2 May , 2019   Food Porn, Lifestyle

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Is motocross nutrition something you think about or take seriously to improve your riding? If it’s not… maybe it should be. My goal here is to help you realize the importance of a proper diet and how it can help motocross riders to increase mental clarity and reflexes, sustain energy  and improve performance in training […]