Ladri di biciclette 2.0

25 Feb , 2016   Lifestyle, MOTO, MTB

Esser svegliati dal telefono la mattina, rispondere e sentire “ti hanno rubato le biciclette” non è il risveglio ideale. Ancor più se ad esser state rubate non sono le vecchie bici della zia ma pezzi da svariate migliaia di euro. Nessuna forzatura del garage e non mancano altri oggetti di valore, solo “quelle” biciclette. Si tratta […]

What’s the fear – Torquato Testa

10 Dec , 2015   MTB

Toto and Pit (videomaker) did a great job, this is the teaser of the secret project they have been working on for long time. Can’t wait for the full movie.

FROM ITALY TO CRANKWORX episode 1: Colorado Freeride Festival

24 Aug , 2015   MOTO, MTB, Video

Here we are! Just came back from our first trip in America! My name is Torquato Testa aka “Toto” and I’m a MTB dirtjump and slopestyle athlete. For the first time I’m writing an article and for the first time on Whipriders! Me and my friend Diego Caverzasi, followed by our “supporters” Ivo, went for […]

We had a sick weekend @ Crankworx in L2A

30 Jul , 2015   MTB, Video

Hi ponies, few weeks ago we visit the french magic mountains of Le Deux Alpes in order to see one of the greatest shows in MTB’s world: the Crankworx! I will waste no more words, check out what happened in this short edit. Enjoy. Peace & love summer time.

Pumped for: Ashes to Agassiz

15 Jul , 2015   MTB

This is only the trailer, but it’s enough. Isn’t it? Can’t wait to see the full video, it will be released on august 25th.

Let’s go biking!

14 Jul , 2015   MTB

Dear readers, I’m pleased to announce you a big news on this blog. From now, will write about bicycles too. I assure you that me and my friends still love motocross, but the clique is gettin bigger, DH and dirt riders as well joined us. We want to make them feel at home and […]