BLUE ORGASM MACHINE for @minkjadaddy

31 Dec , 2021   MOTO

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Did you ever think this is a 10-year-old bike? The lucky owner of this nasty 125 is Davide Palazzari, UCI Downhill World Cup Pro rider for Rogue Racing team. During the off-season, his motherland Sardinia is the perfect spot for some winter motocross sessions and this Yamaha 125cc is the perfect whip for his rides. […]

Fashion’s crush on Motocross

3 Sep , 2018   Gurlz, Lifestyle, MOTO

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Fashion has always been intrigued by motorsport, petrolhead-inspired gear has become an evergreen some times, let’s think about the rider’s leather jacket we all have in our closet and that make you feel a real Steve Mc Queen. Stylists are constantly in pursuit of new inspirations and in the last years it seems like they […]