Listening to this bike is pure music for our hears, we need more projects like this

We all love 2 strokes and we all miss them on the newest catalogs every year. But few days ago we met Lorenzo Camporese on track, he was back from the US where he raced the 2020 AMA Supercross Lites championship. He kept our attention, he was riding a Kawi, that bike looked like his 2020 250 KX-F but screamed like a 125. So we took a closer look and we discovered this beautiful bike built by Rappa, an Italian artisan who created a business from his passion. We got curious about his projects and we fell in love watching that bike in action so we decided to shoot a video to share that moments with our fellas.

Rappa, 32 y.o., takes 2-strokes engines and fits them into the latest generation Japanese aluminium frames. They may be the latest evolution of 2 strokes engines, like KTM/Husqvarna, as well as old 500cc 2 strokes bores, depending on customers needs.

The bike Lorenzo rides is a 2019 Kawasaki KX-F with a KTM 125 2019 engine, Scalvini complete exhaust and Showa SFF forks. The weight of the bike is 88 kgs, the same as a standard KTM SX 125, but the alu frame makes you riding more confident and allows you to corner faster and smoother. Furthermore, the bike look awesome and listening to it hitting jumps and bumps is pure ecstasy.

About the style of the bike (decals and seat), it is a creation by Nik from NLab, a Californian graphic studio focused on dirtbike, who developed a special livery for this jewel. You can see his other works here.

Watch the video to see and listen the bike in action!

Buaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (it sounds like this, ah?).

Here also the teaser you may have seen on our social media!👇