It’s quite easy to personalize a helmet nowadays. There are stickers, softwares to create stickers, and so on. But it’s hard to get the result you had in mind. I never considered to give my helmet to a customizer but when I met Tag things changed and I decided to bring him a brand new Bell Moto- Flex.  And now, after few month of wait, I can’t describe the feeling of wearing an hand-made artwork created for me by a real artisan, it’s something special.

I found the right hands to work on my helmet in California, a place that is home for motocross and action sports. Tagger Design, is a well known designer, it makes signatures models with Bell and it creates the best helmets for the supercross pro riders. I remember he was working on few helmets for Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew when I visited his workshop.

But behind Tagger Designs brand there is a great man:Tag Gasparian (and his team). Tag in the 80s was a pro-surfer and started painting his own boards before moving to Lake Elsinore where he started being a reference into MX world. What I like about him, beside his very polite and quite mood, is his unique style. You can immediately recognize his art works, a mix of free hand drawings and strong colors mixed without fear. It looks 90s but never tastes vintage. Let’s look at this helmet… isn’t it the perfect sum of what our gang is?