Our gang really felt the need of a spring reunion. The recipe of the day was simple: dirtbikes and good vibes. It was only a matter of choosing a date when most of our friends were free, a location far from the chaos  and sending the invites. Good people did the rest. Friends, private track, no chaos, no chrono. What else? In the end, this is what Whipriders is all about, right?

We’ve been so happy  that many of  our “pro-friends” like Angelo Pellegrini, Samuele Bernardini, Davide Bonini, Caleb Grothues, Gianluca Facchetti, David Philippaerts, Alessandro Contessi, Morgan Lesiardo, Davide Rossi decided to join us. Also our MTB fellas went full throttle on their dirtbikes!

Here is a short edit that sums up the essence of our crew. Enjoy.

Here some galleries of the jam. Would you like to partecipate to the next event? Shall we open this event to the public? Let us know in the comments on our social media!

FACES & DIRTBIKES 💣📸 by @denisperucchini

WHIPS 💣📸 by @denisperucchini

ACTION 💣📸 by @denisperucchini

RANDOM PILLS 💣📸 by @fildelzanno

Last but not least, thanks to our partners who made this Jam possible. We love you guys.