If you’ve been following us in the past weeks you’d have probably seen some of us doing stupid things on a very small bike. That was a YCF pit-bike, LITE F125cc model cutomized by us.

At the last MXGP event we attended many of you asked us how to buy this bike, so now it is finally available as a very Limited Edition and you can purchase it! You can have it in your garage, just send an email to whipcrew@gmail.com, the price of the bike is 1.099 Euro.

Must be clear that this pit-bike is not a ready-to -race model, no pimped engine or special parts, for us that goes too far from the initial aim of those toys. However this bike is the most funny toy to play in the backyard with your friends. We’ve been testing it for few months and you should trust us if we say that it is way more resistent than expected. Jumps, crashes, drunk idiots. This bike is hell-proof. Get yours!


Engine: 125cc 4 strokes

Gearshift: 4x Speed with Clutch

Weight: 63 kg

Length: 1590 mm

Height: 750 mm

Would you like to watch our YCF in action? Should we shot a video? Let us know in the comments on our social media.