Ready for the upcoming racing season? Let's do a check.

Gates are dropping soon, you better get ready for that. Here is a checklist of the things you definitely need to check ASAP.

Make sure your bike is ready. That means the suspensions are set up on your weight and riding style, handlebar let your ride comfortable, grips gives you a good feeling, levers are in the perfect position, clutch is regulated, exhaust has a good sound (but let you pass the sound check), engine is perfectly working and reviewed, footpegs let you move nimbly among the ruts and the seat is stiff enough to support your fat ass. And last but not least, make sure your bike looks awesome, you need to feel sexually attracted by her.

Tools and stuff. There are maybe a hundered of other small things that usually we do not consider when we prepare for a race. But those things are mandatory to be set  if you don’t want bad surprises. Your bike stand must be light and in one piece, the ties for the bike must be replaced quite often to avoid bad situations, you’d better also do a check on your tools, it’s so easy to loose some wrench…

Our choice:

Handlebar: Tag Metals T1 Factory    Grips: Tag Metals -Slim Grips     2 Strokes Exhaust: Scalvini Racing   Workshop tools: Matrix Concepts