Palms, scrubs and special gasoline in Pomona... sick.

We came in Pomona for the Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018 with a great curiosity.

Well, here some free thoughts after the events:

  • When we talk about latest american retired top riders, we need to remember that they used to retire no more than 10 years after they stop to be called teen, that’s why they are still so fast. They are young and they still do good training.
  • Ryan Dungey has a perfect phisical shape and a top mental condition since he is riding with no pressure at all. The result is a surgical riding style.
  • Ryan Villopoto surprised for his grit and technique. He has some moves that go over the technique… those are the sign of a champion like him.
  • Hit the track at the speed shown by the riders is gnarly.
  • This event needs more factory riders racing.
  • Not sure if the event is better watched on the TV rather than live, on site you can see the real speed, but there is too many downtime without entertaiment for the fans.

The biggest question I still have is: “what the hell of gasoline did they used on this 2 strokes?” The smell was too strong and toxic and for staying in the start area you needed a mask or you got an headache after few minutes. I want that gasoline too.

What are your feelings about this event?

Watch the video and give some love to Gabe, our new member of the family who filmed and edited this clip.