This is the story of our logo

This is not the story of WHIPRIDERS brand,this is the story of our logo. You know, when you’re facing a new project, choosing the right logo is essential. The logo is the cover, the symbol of your idea and to create the perfect one, you need the right people. I tried to draw something by myself and trust me it’s a pity I lost that hard disk, could have been really funny to lough together about my work (#epicfail).

Who’s writing is Pappo and it was the 2011 when WHIPRIDERS was nothing more than a confused idea in my messy mind. At that time I had a pretty active nightlife and I cathed up with my man at a party in Milan. He was the young talented graphic designer¬†Filippo Carta¬†(but he used to be called Fil Cartone), we had immediately a good feeling and even if our chat was far from being a good brief for him, few days later he sent me a paper with almost 30 different logo proposals. Damn, I was so stoned, it was impossible to choose the right one for me. Luckly Marche, who was like a brother for me, I used to sleep on his sofa more than at my place, had no doubt: “this one is rad!” said, pointing his finger on what is now the logo you see on your tee.

I have to say thanks and make a big thank to Filippo who now is an affirmed graphic designer and to Marche as well. If you guys are looking for some freakin graphic job outhere, this is my shoutout to my favorite pro: Filippo. Find his portfolio HERE.