This is one of that occasions that happen one time in your life and I’m really happy to share it with all of you. This summer I was in Cali for my summer holidays and I was invited to visit what I consider the motocross number 1 team in the world: Pro Circuit.

Thanks to Luca and Camilla, two great italian guys who work in Pro Circuit and RTech my experience wasn’t just a quick sightseen but I was allowed to open all the doors, go inside all the rooms, make questions, touch (almost) everything. But that’s not all, I was lucky to be introduced to the landlord Mitch Payton who accepted to make a quick interview with me. I was with my bae, we had to use with a smartphone and a Go Pro but the final result is not bad.

Seat in front of  King Mitch made me a bit in awe but, as you will see in the video, he gave me great answers, not banal, sentences that only a man with such a big authority could state.

Now quiet in the court, the floor to the dirtbikes guru.

Author: @matteopappopapini