It is  a summer morning in Los Angeles, even if I’m  on holiday the alarm is set up very early for me and my bae. We go to pick Luca (from RTech company) up in Corona and then meet Arnaud in Pala. We are lucky, traffic near LA seems to be less crazy than usual, the 405 flows regularly, so we reach Corona pretty easily.

In Pala the sun is hot and the guys are already on the track. First thing that catches my attention while I’m having a first look of the place is that a lot of the riders on the track are fast, really fast. Their plates say #47 J.Emig, #42 Oldenburg, #28 W.Peick, #17 C.Webb, #36 J.Hill and of course the Swiss made man, the #66 Arnaud Tonus.

Arnaud, with his chilled mood and his Dodge Ram appears to fit in the californian lifestyle perfectly. At the moment he is still looking for a good team for next year since his contract with Kawasaki Pro Circuit will shortly end. He tells me he is enjoyng the life in US and he would like to stay there, but he doesn’t seems to worry too much about the future.

By the way, I think I’m writing too much. I wish all the best to this guy, if someone knows at least something about dirtbikes, then someone will give him a good seat for next season. Enjoy the video guys, all comments are welcome. Cheers.