Thanks to our secret collaborator who attended the last AMA & FIM international meeting that took place in Ontario last week, we are able to publish the exclusive preview of this 6 revolutionary regulation changes that will enter into force  in the next season.

Amateur Fights : during amateur MX competitions fights will be allowed. Conditions are:  only slaps in the face without helmet (no punches, no kicks). In pro races fights will not be allowed due to TV contents regulation.

motocross fight whipriders lawrence villopoto


Skulls and flames forbidden: race outfit and bike decals with flames and skulls will be definetly forbidden during races. 90s are over.

dirtbike flames


Cannabis allowed: even if the anti -doping commettee stated that THC doesn’t encrease  performance, there will be a dedicated category for high riders: the Stoned MX. Many pro riders are already starting tests and many Cannabis producers are encreasing their effort in motocross business.

cannabis motocross bulldog amsterdam


Hard times for 2 strokes heroes: Riders that compete in MX1 and MX2  on 2 strokes bikes must qualify in the top 10 of their practice session, if not they will not be admitted to race. FIM’s president stated “we are in 2016, as Tina Tuner said -we don’t need another hero- if you want to be a superhero you must demostrate it, otherwise you’d better ride a 4 strokes and shut the f**k up”.

2strokes heroes whipriders

No more racing licence for body builders: If your muscle mass exceed a defined range, and you can be considered a body builder, it will not be possible to get your rider licence. This measure is for motocross morality, in order not to ruin the image of our sport with ugly pictures on social networks.

body building forbidden motocross


New mandatory measures for straight lines of World Championship’s tracks: due to media demand, all the tracks of the Motocross Championship must have at least one straight line of 4km in order to make some engines seize up and encrease the show.

straight line motocorss whipriders