Hey poodles, here is a new good recipe for your iron stomaches.

But first of all let me remember that Pasta con le straci is more than an underestimated cooking segment. It represent to me a moment of happiness shared with friends eating strange stuff.

The following recipe is mad as usual, but you should trust me if I say that our recipes always taste good, even if reading ingredients make you sick!

Ingredients: Pasta – cheese – onion – cream – pepper – tomato puree – beans – bacon.

First brown the onion, beans and bacon in a pan, then add cream, tomato puree and mix them. Once the pasta is cooked add the sauce (you already prepared in the pan) and the cheese (cutted in small pieces). Now add pepper and open a bottle of good italian wine.

Enjoy, you deserved it.

PS: I don’t give a funk if no one care about Pasta con le straci on this blog, I will never stop to publish this shit. Peace.