Are you going crazy cause you can’t find the right present for your friend or maybe your boyfriend? The following stuff will save your Christmas!



BEER – Needful to forget the past and to toast to the new year. Beer is never enough.

GLOVES – This comfortable stuff keep your hands clean during your dirty jobs. How to purchase them? Write us a private message on Facebook

BAG – Helmets, gloves, pants, socks, goggles. We have to carry more things than a flawed bitch. So, we need a big and cool bag. Borsone OGIO

GO PRO – It’s really funny to review our motos with friends. You’ll not become a hero, but you’ laugh a lot!

DIRTBIKE – Last but not least, if you have money enough, there’s a thing that will be a perfect gift for all the riders: a brand new bike. You know, it’s not important if you already own 4 bikes. A fifth one will be great anyway.


Merry Christmas mates!