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Preview 2017: big changes for the “Motocross International Regulation”

1 Apr , 2016  

Thanks to our secret collaborator who attended the last AMA & FIM international meeting that took place in Ontario last week, we are able to publish the exclusive preview of this 6 revolutionary regulation changes that will enter into force  in the next season. Amateur Fights : during amateur MX competitions fights will be allowed. Conditions are:  only slaps […]

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I don’t judge Austin Stroupe

17 Mar , 2016  

Reading that Austin was found with heroin by police made me very sad. Doping is shit, as all drugs are. I never tried to use heroin and then ride a dirtbike, I never tried heroin at all, but I think my riding will not be successful. To keep it wide open watching dragons all around my […]

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The Ultimate Resume of Style on two wheels by Bernard Kerr

10 Mar , 2016   Video

Dear Bernard, your turns on the dirtbike in the sand are legendary and your no-hands wheelies on the bike are dope. In the next life I will be like you mate. Guys, I’m everyday more confident New Zealand is the place to be and that this is the way to shred trails there. Let’s watch […]

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Diamondback sets a new step in bike promo

8 Mar , 2016   Video

MTB videos are always steps behind all the others, but this one specially represent a new chapter for bike promo. Diamondback needed something special to launch the new Level Link technology and they did it great. The concept of the video comes from the same person you see shredding in this awesome video: Mike Hopkins. […]

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Nothing better then cruising with your girlfriend!

4 Mar , 2016  

You may already know Stefan Lantschner, one of the most stylist BMX riders in the world. Being a pro riders for over 10 years, he travelled everywhere for competitions and photoshoots, but lately he decided to settle down: not in his hometown in the italian Alps, but in sunny Barcelona, where he still rides his […]

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Our Short Movie: The Winter Migration

1 Mar , 2016   Video

What follows is not a 20 sec video made to collect Likes. This is a short documentary, a short movie lovely made with the only aim of  bring our followers through what we experienced  during our awesome roadtrip in the paradise of MX in winter. If you’re in hurry now, this is not the right moment to watch this […]

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Ladri di biciclette 2.0

25 Feb , 2016  

Esser svegliati dal telefono la mattina, rispondere e sentire “ti hanno rubato le biciclette” non è il risveglio ideale. Ancor più se ad esser state rubate non sono le vecchie bici della zia ma pezzi da svariate migliaia di euro. Nessuna forzatura del garage e non mancano altri oggetti di valore, solo “quelle” biciclette. Si tratta […]

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#PastaConLeStraci – the Russian Rocket recipe

8 Feb , 2016   Video

Hey poodles, here is a new good recipe for your iron stomaches. But first of all let me remember that Pasta con le straci is more than an underestimated cooking segment. It represent to me a moment of happiness shared with friends eating strange stuff. The following recipe is mad as usual, but you should […]

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The tough moment of Dean Wilson

3 Feb , 2016  

Yesterday scrolling my Instagram feed I came across the last picture posted by Dean Wilson. Copy was long but the first lines catched my attention. Dean explains very well his feelings for his recent injury. I think many riders have experienced similar moments, but in his situation the issue looks really big. Take one minute […]

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Top 5: Christmas gifts

21 Dec , 2015  

Are you going crazy cause you can’t find the right present for your friend or maybe your boyfriend? The following stuff will save your Christmas!     BEER – Needful to forget the past and to toast to the new year. Beer is never enough. GLOVES – This comfortable stuff keep your hands clean during your […]