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#PastaConLeStraci – the Russian Rocket recipe

8 Feb , 2016   Video

pasta con le straci russian rocket

Hey poodles, here is a new good recipe for your iron stomaches. But first of all let me remember that Pasta con le straci is more than an underestimated cooking segment. It represent to me a moment of happiness shared with friends eating strange stuff. The following recipe is mad as usual, but you should […]

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The tough moment of Dean Wilson

3 Feb , 2016  


Yesterday scrolling my Instagram feed I came across the last picture posted by Dean Wilson. Copy was long but the first lines catched my attention. Dean explains very well his feelings for his recent injury. I think many riders have experienced similar moments, but in his situation the issue looks really big. Take one minute […]

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Top 5: Christmas gifts

21 Dec , 2015  


Are you going crazy cause you can’t find the right present for your friend or maybe your boyfriend? The following stuff will save your Christmas!     BEER – Needful to forget the past and to toast to the new year. Beer is never enough. GLOVES – This comfortable stuff keep your hands clean during your […]

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Winter sand killers

18 Dec , 2015  

nagl sand

It’s winter time, everybody is looking for secret sand spots around the globe. You know, once you find the right spot then you’re jelous of it more than your girlfriend. The truth is that in spring you’ll discover that your secret super training will have never allowed you to put down seconds on the usual […]


What’s the fear – Torquato Testa

10 Dec , 2015   Video

Toto and Pit (videomaker) did a great job, this is the teaser of the secret project they have been working on for long time. Can’t wait for the full movie.

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Justin Bogle – postcards from Genova

17 Nov , 2015   Video

Hey dudes! Few days ago we had the occasion to shoot with a great rider from USA. Guess who? He rides with style his red CRF signed Geico in the AMA series, and yes, his name is Justin, Justin Bogle. Justin was special guest at the most important Supercross event of the italian season, the […]

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The smell of freedom of the 70s

20 Oct , 2015   Gallery


70s was the decade when yankees started to love dirtbikes. It was really different from the motocross nowadays, riders had heavy scrambler looking bikes under their asses. Technical limits were thick and speeds were definetly lower than now,  but motocross in these years had a massive growth and from professionals race fields reached a big […]

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CAUTION: this overtake may get you horny as hell

13 Oct , 2015   Video

This weekend Ivo Monticelli made the best overtake of the year. He went full gas on the external line of the corner and then removed the stickers from the Yamaha before him. Watch the video, it’s so hòòòt!

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21 Sep , 2015  


We’ve spent more than 20 years in the mx world and  we’ve seen every possible advice for motocross riders: how to improve your riding skills, how to wash your bike, what, how much and when eating before a race, how many times peeing before a manche….. but nobody EVER  said something about finding the perfect […]

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#PastaConLeStraci vol.11: “Stomach punch edition”

17 Sep , 2015   Video

Hey bad boys. We’re happy to announce that our beloved cooking segment “Pasta con le straci” is finally back on our pages. We are ready to satisfy your food cravings again. Just remember, if you’re looking for a fine and healthy meal, you’d better not to push play button. Pasta con le straci is stuff […]